Kira Allegra Heuer Bio

Kira Allegra Heuer

CEO & Founder

BIB, Inc.

Member Bio

Equal parts creative director, curator, product designer, artist and visionary, Kira’s work has been referenced in public and private collections. Her creative interventions are featured in The New York Times, The Financial Times, AD, Vanity Fair and Vogue. A seasoned advocate for environmental and art-driven alliances, she is a board member of Plastic Pollution Coalition, The Contemporary Art Society, The Virtue Project and Otis College of Design. Kira is known as a thought leader in sustainability and one of the industry’s leading entrepreneurs in aesthetic activism, speaking on panels such as Net-a-Porter’s Clean Water in Fashion Houses along with being featured as Harper Bazaar’s “Entrepreneurs to watch”. She brings sensibility and an innovative approach to solving our most pressing issues with the intention to build new models and structures that acknowledge variety and inclusivity.