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We deploy catalytic early-stage capital to impactful ventures through a gender and racial equity lens

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Take global action now

We invest patient capital in four strategic areas, aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Inclusive Digital Economy

How do we make education, skills, and jobs accessible to everyone in a way that meets societal needs?

Climate Tech & Smart Cities

How can we improve climate and urban resilience and use renewable energy technology to future-proof our cities?

Sustainable Consumption

How do we educate consumers on the ethics of their purchases and build sustainable supply chains in a globalized world?

Healthcare & Life Sciences

How can we invest in innovation that prioritizes the societal impact of better healthcare access and outcomes?

Empower diverse perspectives

AIV invests in diverse founders driving transformative companies that benefit profitability, people, and the planet. To bridge the gender investment gap and capitalize on the proven strengths of women founders, we give significant attention to women-led businesses which currently receive less than 2% of VC funding in the US and Europe.

Diverse Founders Sharing a Meal

Higher Growth
and Profits

Women generate 2.5x more revenue per dollar invested compared to all-male founder teams

Better Risk

Women entrepreneurs are less likely to overestimate their track record – despite their business’ outperformance

Positive Work

Leverage science for impact

We take a close look at empirical evidence and analytics to understand the numbers behind the story.



Carbon emissions and offset tools, net zero programs, business certifications


Inclusion &

Hiring of leadership and workforce from under-represented backgrounds, inclusive access



Annual diversity and inclusion surveys, corporate code of ethics, whistleblowing policies



Reduced or recycled waste, recycled packaging, air pollution, upcycled products



Living wages, study support, flexible work opportunities, mental/health care benefits


Cybersecurity &
Data Governance

Training, cybersecurity controls, data infrastructure, compliance and data regulations

Pierre Rolin

The Ankh is a gold key symbol of life, revered as a powerful bringer of wealth and good fortune. A symbol of balance between masculinity and femininity, no beginning and no end, a magical bond that brings all things together.

Pierre N. Rolin

Chairman, CEO & Founder of Ankh Impact Ventures